"The worst storm of the century" / Is the Dubai flood related to "cloud seeding"

2024-04-18 16:04:00, Kosova & Bota CNA
"The worst storm of the century" / Is the Dubai flood related to
Flooding in Dubai

Last June, Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum approved a $21.8 billion fund to expand and redesign the sewer system.

In January, a new flood management agency was established in the city. The heaviest rain in 75 years, which turned the city of Dubai into a large lagoon, preempted these plans.

Now, as the waters recede, they reveal the extent of the devastation from the storm that claimed 19 lives in neighboring Oman and at least one in Dubai.

Local authorities do not yet have figures for the total amount of damage caused. In addition, tankers are still pumping water and mud from the most affected areas.

Additionally, there is debate in Dubai about whether the "bombardment" of salt clouds, a technique called "cloud seeding", is responsible for the historic storm.

In the United Arab Emirates, this technique has been used since the 90s to cope with drought as it can cause rain in many cases.

In this particular case, however, in response to rumors that a Dubai National Meteorological Center plane that flew on Sunday caused the disaster, meteorologists at the center denied any connection.

And they say it would be impossible to cause such a flood.

What scientists say is that increasingly warmer temperatures in Dubai and, of course, the wider region, contributed to the bad weather, and will do so more often in the future./ CNA

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