Michigan primary election with warning signs for candidates Trump and Biden

2024-02-28 17:45:01, Kosova & Bota CNA
Michigan primary election with warning signs for candidates Trump and Biden
Joe Biden and Donald Trump

Joe Biden and Donald Trump won yesterday's primaries within their parties in Michigan with ease and deep results. Still, the results show both candidates have reason to worry about their chances in this key state for the general election in November.

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump won the Michigan primary, further consolidating the possibility of a new showdown between them.

Despite Mr. Trump's wide margin of victory, support for rival Nikki Haley again showed that some Republican voters may not support another term for the former Republican president. Mr. Trump has already won the first five states that hold primary elections for the Republican Party, and his dominance is unprecedented since the primaries were first held in Iowa and New Hampshire in 1976.

“This November, the great state of Michigan will say to corrupt Joe Biden, 'You're fired,' get out of here. Escape. The worst president we've ever had ," Mr. Trump declared during a rally in Michigan.

But the numbers show that despite the broad support of the Republican base, former President Trump is struggling to get the support of highly educated voters, and his rival within the Republican Party, former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, said during a rally in Colorado that Mr. Trump will not win the general election in November.

"Look at the fact that I told you that Donald Trump can't win. We will have a woman president of the United States. The truth is that it will be me, or Kamala Harris ," said Mrs. Haley.

Even President Biden has already won against other less popular candidates in all five states that held early primaries within the Democratic Party. Although Michigan ranks among the so-called 'blue states', the state has a large percentage of Arab-Americans and has become a focal point of frustration over the White House's support of Israel.

"Senior Democratic officials think Democrats will turn out to vote for Biden because the other option is so terrifying and frightening. But this also irritates the voters, as they feel that although they have come out to vote every year, their perspective has not been heard" , says Nura Sediqe, from the State University of Michigan.

Their anger was openly revealed during the voting day when a part of the voters voted as "undecided" within the Democratic Party.

"For someone like me to sit here today and accept a Trump presidency, on the opposite side of the spectrum, with the aim of removing President Biden, is really evidence of how much this president has failed ," says Samraa Luqman, a democratic activist against the candidacy of President Biden.

The White House seems to be aware of the importance of this issue.

"We understand how much it means to this community. And the president understands it too. So we pay a lot of attention to this and the situation that the community is going through" , said the press secretary of the White House, Karine Jean-Pierre.

Although President Biden dominated the primary election in Michigan, the result may be worrying in a state where in 2020 he won by less than 3% margin./ VOA

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