Annual payments for the tax of factories, warehouses, and open parking lots will increase up to 76%

2023-08-21 07:57:00, Ekonomi CNA

Annual payments for the tax of factories, warehouses, and open parking lots will

Obligations for the annual building tax will also increase for the owners of manufacturing plants, warehouses and open parking lots.

Despite the fact that the methodology for calculating the building tax for factories, warehouses, warehouses and other similar facilities is 50% of the price of the residential areas of the relevant area according to the cities, the payments for 2023 will be increased from 5 to 76%.

According to Monitor's calculations, for a warehouse, warehouse or factory with an area of ??100 m2 in Tirana, the annual payments in value will increase from 572 ALL to 4,780 ALL per year.

Specifically, an owner who has a warehouse or warehouse with an area of ??100 square meters in cadastral area 4/1 (Hospital complex, SHIK, Oxhaku, Allias i ri, Tufinë village) with the calculations according to the decision of 2018, the annual obligation was 7,000 lek per year .

With the increase in the fiscal price of apartments in this area from 70,000 ALL per square meter to 90,500 ALL per square meter, the annual obligation will be 9,590 ALL per year. The increase in value is 2,590 ALL or 37%.

Both for residential buildings and for shops, garages and in the case of buildings of the category for industrial use, the highest increase in the obligation to be paid with property tax is in zone 7/4 (Unaza e Re, Fabrika e Miellit, former Aviation Field, Yzberisht) where the highest increase in fiscal prices was recorded.

The building tax is calculated on the value of the property, where, regardless of its category, the basis is the reference prices of the apartments.

In Tirana, prices are divided into 32 cadastral areas. The increase in obligations is smaller for both residential and business buildings in area 1/1 (Cinema "Ali Demi", Sports Field, Shkozë village, Depo e Jit) where the smallest increase in fiscal prices is noted around 5 %.

So the obligations will increase even for the owners of open parking lots up to 76%. Since 2018, this category has also been included in the new taxation. The parking fee is calculated as 30% of the reference price of the apartments.

The owner of an open parking lot in the area of ??the former Block or cadastral area 5/1 from the 26,600 lek he used to pay per year, with the entry into force of the reference changes will pay 31,976 lek per year. The increase in value is calculated at 5,376 ALL or 20%./ Monitor

Annual payments for the tax of factories, warehouses, and open parking lots will

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