20 years drug user, the 44-year-old's confession: Areas where heroin and cocaine are distributed in Tirana

2024-02-25 09:15:00, Aktualitet CNA
20 years drug user, the 44-year-old's confession: Areas where heroin and
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A drug user has confessed his whole life in the podcast with journalist Anila Hoxha. 

We are talking about Clyde, a heroin user for 20 years in a row, who the day he found himself without money was recruited as a distributor to provide income for the dose.

The 44-year-old man has been arrested 3 times by the police and has recently become one of the many collaborators that the police are engaging as undercover buyers to curb the phenomenon.

He confessed how he started using drugs, the arrests and the areas where heroin and cocaine are currently distributed in Tirana. 


Anila Hoxha : Klajdi, hello.

Clyde: Hello.

Anila Hoxha: How old are you?

Clyde : 44 years old.

Anila Hoxha : Do you continue to use drugs?

Klajdi: Now I have a period that I have been disconnected, let's see how long I can keep it.

Anila Hoxha: Klajdi, how did you start drugs?

Klajdi: I started with cocaine, actually abroad. I was 19-20 years old. Then when I returned from Italy, after cocaine I also started heroin.

Anila Hoxha : In Tirana?

Klajdi : Yes, in Tirana. I have been a regular user of heroin for almost 20 years and after many attempts at the Military Hospital, at the Toxicology Hospital, I have been hospitalized several times, but sometimes I won, sometimes I lost, until I came back again. Now let's see how long I can keep it. The first time I used heroin, without knowing what kind of drug it was. My friends just served it to me and I tried it. To be honest, I used it for a month without realizing it, without knowing what kind of drug I was taking. With foil, with boats. After I started it.

Anila Hoxha: And how much did you buy it for?

Klajdi: At first, my friends rented it to me, then when I got stuck in it, normally I bought it with Lek. And I did jail time for that. There comes a point when you can't handle the increase in the dose, 4 grams-5 grams a day, and you start to traffic it. Then it necessarily goes to the next level.

Anila Hoxha: How long have you been in prison, Klajdi?

Klydi: I spent 4 years in prison.

Anila Hoxha: For distribution?

Klydi: Yes, for distribution. Being a user as well, but more that is, I necessarily became a distributor, at that time I speak, because I could not afford the economic situation by buying 4-5 grams a day, I greatly increased the consumption dose.

Anila Hoxha : And how much does a dose of heroin cost?

Klaydi: 10 thousand ALL (old). A dose is 1/5, 1/6 of a gram. Very small thing. Own 60-70 thousand lek per gram (old). Count it in grams.

Anila Hoxha : What about cocaine?

Klajdi: Cocaine goes to 100 thousand Leksh (old). One gram of cocaine is divided into 3 doses, 0.33. Some sell it for 30,000 Lek (old), some for 40,000 Lek (old). Between 100-120 thousand ALL per gram.

Anila Hoxha: Were you part of drug distribution networks or...?

Klyd i: I've done it all in life.

Anila Hoxha: Let's start. What have you done?

Klydi: What haven't I done?! Of course I, where would I take them out, because I didn't drink only 5 doses.

Anila Hoxha: For heroin?

Clyde: Yes, for heroin. I drank through my nose. I drank 4-5 grams a day. Then I could drink another gram of cocaine.

Anila Hoxha:  What were your most difficult moments while using heroin?

Klajdi: The moments of leaving... The moments when I made prison that I left, that I went through those embarrassments. 

Anila Hoxha : In which area of ??Tirana is heroin distributed?

Klydi: In all areas.

Anila Hoxha: Which are typical?

Klydi:  More or less the largest area, ie. that have always been problematic is this area from the United School, Allias, Kinostudio. This pond here has always been problematic. What about cocaine?

Klajdi: Cocaine all over Tirana. Yes, I said all of Tirana, that is. starting from Astiri, Kombinat, Bllok, New Tirana, in... I've seen, I've come across coke drinkers and can collectors. And this is an absurdity. This is crazy. To drink a man who has no bread, to eat cocaine, is madness. VIPs used to drink it, now everyone drinks it./ CNA

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