The Wanderer, the "Range Rover" and the prison of the sick

2024-02-02 20:51:00, Sociale Anila Hoxha
The Wanderer, the "Range Rover" and the prison of the sick
Journalist Anila Hoxha

A judge in Tirana decided today the mandatory psychiatric admission to a prison hospital of Ardian H.

A 57-year-old man who no one cared about, but the adventure he tried from the "Marriot" hotel to "Kastriotët" street, set him apart from all the vagrants and homeless people in the metropolis.

Every thief in Tirana or anywhere becomes "interesting" sometimes because of the importance and value of the objects they steal, or because of the status of the one who stole. Ardian H. became important, that is, visible because of his status.

Because he was a wanderer.

And because he stole a Range Rover.

As an unnoticed man, completely in the shadows, completely nobody's; he walked the streets of the Albanian capital, sometimes looking for a cigarette and sometimes telling a humorous joke. He was even so untraceable for another police station, which, unable to find his address, replied to the prosecutor's office in early January 2024 that "he could not find him because he lives as a wanderer".

That case against Ardian H. was about an investigation into the theft of a bicycle. A prosecutor had investigated him in absentia. He had submitted the file for judgment and then asked to find him. The court approved and on January 18 ordered - escort him by force, if you find him.

In searching for him, the police were clear that despite the residential address at the "Palace of Aviation", the legend surrounding him was more real than the possibility of finding him. 

Maybe they felt sorry and freedom was the alms they could afford!!!

"There is no one ", - wrote an agent.

"Suffers from mental health problems ", - referred to the other.

They had until January 30th to release the balloons.

That day, Ardiani overcame the wanderer's routine, left the sleep of the road and the bread at his feet. He left the bag, threw the cigarette on the ground. And turned the car keys that a hurried driver had left ready.

In a moment, it was only a few minutes, he was tempted by luxury, as he had never experienced before.

And he took control of the "Range Rover", which did not belong to him.

In the Criminal Code, it is called "theft".

Trying to understand who they were dealing with and what they were referring to this time, a dozen agents at police station number 1 interrogated him.

He said to one " I felt like I was on a plane, like I was flying" . Trying to extract something valuable for the investigation, the officer took out the name of his mother - Drita and father Xezmi.

Then no other name but them in his life!!!!

Then, he said the year of birth.

Later in a few lines the officer wrote;

"Self-identified as Ardian H., born and resident in Tirana. Judicial status, not convicted. With eight years of education. There is no phone number. Address "Palace of Aviation". With Albanian citizenship and nationality."

After midnight on January 30, when he was arrested and finally became visible, this man appeared before the court today. The prosecutor was convinced that the thief he was looking for since the theft of the bicycle, at least at one point, should not be left alone. And that was the moment before the court. They appointed a free lawyer. Still unclear about what he had done, he showed the greatest happiness "I drove a car and I was flying". Fragments of unintelligible expressions further.

As a man who does not exist with papers, who did not have any identification document, he was presented as the person that no one looked at in the capital. But for the agents it was also chaotic, amid several realities, apparently with mental health issues.

After the theft of the "Range Rover", an adventure that lasted a few minutes, he was ticketed for compulsory admission to a prison hospital. His address, from wanderer to resident of Shënkolli prison!

At least once in a lifetime he exists.

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