Boçi message to the youth of Elbasan/ "Don't give up, unite for the common vision"

2023-03-19 16:18:00, Politikë CNA

Boçi message to the youth of Elbasan/ "Don't give up, unite for 

The candidate of the Democratic Party for the Municipality of Elbasan, Luciano Boçi, has given a message to young people, urging them not to give up.

Through a post on social networks, Boçi also stated that he will be ready to talk about all the problems and concerns of their residents, since according to him, this is the only way they can stay united for the common vision.

"I am ready to welcome any young person who wants to speak out loud or face to face about their concerns, demands, needs, who aims to reveal their vision for the city of the future and share with in what he considers important.

I invite every young man or woman of Elbasan not to give in to pessimism and despair. I invite them to get closer to the young people engaged in our campaign and appreciate the things that unite them in the common vision of a city that allows you to grow up, raise a family and put down roots.

I thank you for being part of our victory in Elbasan", writes Boçi./ CNA

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