"Juli harassed me"/ Meri Shehu drops the "bomb": I was tempted

2024-04-15 10:00:00, Lifestyle CNA
"Juli harassed me"/ Meri Shehu drops the "bomb": I was
Meri Shehu

In a television interview, the former contestant of "Big Brother Vip 3", Meri Shehu, made a strong statement. She stated that Jul Deda flirted with her, harassed her and she was tempted. 


Edi Manushi:  A neighbor of mine asked me if she has an idol. She dies for you, she tells me "Aman, ask Mary once when she comes to Top Channel, who has flirted with her in the Big Brother house". I want it by name, last name from you in front of the camera so it doesn't bother me anymore.

Meri Shehu:  I say it, but you didn't see who flirted with me?

Edi Manushi : It is not safe!

Meri Shehu : The first one was Juli once. Wanted to win the game apparently. I even told her that we were communicating especially in the confession room, if I won the battle with this flirtatious way of this one, I immediately win Big Brother. As soon as I won the battle, I was kicked out of Big Brother. I had temptations, it's true. I never liked Juli outside, but she tempted me.

Edi Manushi : What signals did Juli give that this is new for us?

Meri Shehu : He looked in a certain way... Juli was exactly the cavalier. Juli can flirt with any woman from what I've seen and I didn't believe that Juli was a man who could manage to seduce you before he entered. Maybe the closing takes its toll, but it's winnable. That you don't give in to his temptation, if you want to, you fight it and it's winnable, so you overcome Juli's temptation. /CNA 

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