"Clash" in "Big Brother VIP"/ Liam doesn't hold back, he spills the coffee on the residents

2024-04-13 16:40:00, Lifestyle CNA

"Clash" in "Big Brother VIP"/ Liam doesn't hold back,

Another unprecedented situation was recorded in the "Big Brother VIP" house.

While the residents were having their morning coffee, a nervous Liam went to them and knocked down everything he found on the table.

Along with the items, he also threw the residents' coffee on the ground, claiming that they were gossiping about him.

The residents retaliated and argued with Liam.

Excerpts from the debate:

Graciano: Plenty, plenty of this nonsense for slandering us.

Erjola: Boll, animal, idiot, what are you doing?

Liam: Don't talk about me.

Graciano: I'm leaving, you're leaving.

Liam: You're talking about me, you have three hours there. You have no shame.

Graciano: Who's talking about you, who?

Erjola: Who is talking about you, animal?

Liam: I've given you all opportunities to talk to me.

Graciano: What are you doing? Is that how it is resisted here? I was telling about my stuff./ CNA

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