"I lost my heart" / Will Smith talks about the "famous" slap at the Oscars

2022-11-29 17:51:00, Lifestyle CNA
"I lost my heart" / Will Smith talks about the "famous" slap
World famous actor Will Smith

The world-famous actor Will Smith has admitted that he lost control when he went on stage at the Oscars and slapped comedian Chris Rock, after he joked with his wife.

The event went viral as there were two big names involved in the moment.

During an interview, Smith revealed that he wasn't doing so well with his mental health at the time, so it was a moment that was out of control.

My mind was gone, Smtih said on the program "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah".

It was an anger that had been inside me for a long time.

"It was a terrible night as you can imagine. There are a lot of nuances and complexities to it, you know, but at the end of the day, I just lost it and I guess what I would say is you never know what is someone going through", he said./ CNA.al

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