Be like a dog, "ham-ham"/ Egla and Franceska fight with each other

2024-04-23 17:44:00, Lifestyle CNA

Be like a dog, "ham-ham"/ Egla and Franceska fight with each other

This afternoon, the debates are back in the most famous house. It seems that Egla and Franceska will not make peace and do not agree on anything that happens at home, even when they face each other, they insult each other, with not at all ethical vocabulary.

They acted the same way today, where Egla asked him not to talk to them, saying: "Go away". While Franceska followed him from behind, mocking him.

Excerpts from the debate:

Egla: Go away, Franciska. Oh, my heart was torn, my heart. Thank you for teaching people to detach themselves from their shoes, you are like parsley Francesca, like parsley behind a shoe, Francesca.

Franceska: Oh you're so sweet, thank you. Thank you. I'm having a lot of fun, you broke, you showed us the hole, you don't show us the hole, you broke, you fell. I do like a little puppy, that's what puppies do, I make a "eat, eat" sound.

Egla: You are like parsley behind a shoe, my heart.

Frances: Oh, what should I do now, cry? Ooooo he told me parsley./ CNA

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