Will Jetmiri finally leave the game?

2024-04-16 22:43:00, Lifestyle CNA

Will Jetmiri finally leave the game?

Today's show started with numerous debates, not only between the residents and Jetmir, but also between him and the commentators.

While it has been commented in the studio by opinion writers that his behavior has also been harassing. Because of these reactions, Jetmiri asked to leave the house.

After this situation, Ledioni asked Jetmir to go to the confession room.

After spending a few minutes alone in the confession room, Jetmiri said that he will announce his decision on Saturday.

Jetmiri: In all logic, it seems like you want to find an excuse. You justify the disabilities you find in other residents with the fact that I did not enter later, etc.

I tried to get to know everyone personally, without bringing any information from outside. I wanted to qualify it. It seems like the fact that I've been there before, that I've done it before, as if one side of the coin is being protected. I have only asked for equality and justice. Since a televoting has been opened, I will communicate the decision on Saturday./ CNA


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