Egla Ceno's boyfriend is discovered outside the house

2024-04-16 16:01:00, Lifestyle CNA
Egla Ceno's boyfriend is discovered outside the house
Egla Ceno

Egla Ceno has recently declared in "BBV3" that she is in love outside, surprising everyone, since in 90 days of staying inside the house, she has been very hermetic and has not confessed anything about her private life.

Ronaldo Sharka has shown that he knows Egla's partner and that he is involved in music.

"Neada Muçaj: To return to the Egla-Jetmir debate, Egla was also touched, she cried. She says I'm tired, I can't take it anymore. Does she miss someone from outside?

Bledi Salaj: I have a husband, he said

Neada Muçaj: I have a relationship outside, but I don't talk about it.

Ronaldo Sharka: I know him.

Bledi Salaj: What does that mean?

Ronaldo Sharka: Yes, he has a partner. I will not say names because it is their right to make it public or not. He is an artist, he deals with music. Cool, it's interesting."/  CNA


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