"Did you have sex with Meriton?"/ Ilnisa ​​gets irritated by the question

2024-04-16 16:19:00, Lifestyle CNA
"Did you have sex with Meriton?"/ Ilnisa ??gets irritated by the
Ilnisa ??Agolli

The former resident of "Big Brother", Ilnisa ??Agolli, in a recent interview, spoke about her experience within this format.

Although she claimed to go to the finals, Ilnisa ??was penalized by the public.

She made an analysis of the game of the residents and to give her opinion on the most prominent videos during the last 24 hours in the house of "BBV".

Did she and Meriton have intercourse during their stay at "BBV"? Ilnisa ??tells how the truth is:

"See that even this part means it is good to declare this work of sex once again. Let's state it once and for all that the quilt has come to the tip of my nose to tell the truth with all the moods that are happening up and down.

Nothing happened in 'Big Brother'. Nothing happened. I mean, our biggest intimacy was kissing and I don't know how we manage as a society, even if something happened, the noise that is being made is too much.

But in fact, nothing happened", said Ilnisa ??in an interview.

Regarding the viral video that has spread on the network where she appears together with Meriton under the duvet, where everyone suspected that they may have had sex, she said:

"It was a real moment. I am saying this exclusively for you. There was a moment that was in front of 'Prime' and the bed, which was separated, so there were two, opened at a moment and I fell.

I fell and I say 'Soul I fell, look Titanic is repeating itself'.

He also told me 'I won't leave you, I will drown with you'. And he also fell over. When it fell, we started kissing. We choked, kissed and that was it. This was the truth of this", said Ilnisa ??Agolli./ CNA


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