The origin of tattoos / Where they were first created

2023-01-14 14:43:00, Kuriozitete CNA

The origin of tattoos / Where they were first created

Tattoos have become a widespread part of culture in the modern world. But where did tattoos first originate? Even in ancient times, tattoos were widespread in many countries of the world.

There were tattoos in both ancient Japan and Egypt. The Maori of New Zealand have practiced the sacred Ta M?ko tattoo for centuries as a way to show who they are as individuals, as well as who their community is.

However, no culture can claim to be the first to create a tattoo. The practice of tattooing was popular in Europe and North America since ancient times. The Greeks depicted their tattooed neighbors, the Indo-European speaking people, on their pottery. 

The Picts, indigenous to northern Scotland, were documented by Roman historians as having elaborate tattoos.

The oldest surviving tattoos come from Ötzi the Iceman, a 5,300-year-old body frozen in ice discovered in the mountains of Italy in 1991.

In 2019, researchers identified 2,000-year-old tattoo needles from the southeastern Utah area of ??Pueblo. The cactus spines attached to yucca leaves still had remnants of tattoo ink on them./ CNA.al



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