Gunshot wounds in Kuçovo/ 4 people are wanted

2023-05-27 08:23:00, Kronika CNA

Gunshot wounds in Kuçovo/ 4 people are wanted

At around 23:30, yesterday evening, citizen DG, 24 years old, resident of Tirana, presented himself for medical help at the Hospital, wounded by a gunshot, who is receiving medical help at the hospital.

As a result of the intensive professional investigative work done by the crime investigation specialists at the Kuçovo Police Station in cooperation with the services of the DVP Berat, it became possible to identify and announce the search for the suspected perpetrators, citizens: LS, 22 years old, A .Th., 22 years old, VP, 23 years old, and AT, 23 years old, all four living in Ku?ovo.

It is suspected that these citizens, in collaboration with each other, after a momentary conflict, for weak motives, in the 1Maj neighborhood, Kuçovo, injured the citizen DG with firearms.

The work continues for the capture of the 4 wanted citizens and for the complete clarification of the circumstances of the event. 

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