"The UN could have stopped the aggression", Zelensky asks to use the right of veto

2023-09-20 17:43:00, Kosova & Bota CNA

"The UN could have stopped the aggression", Zelensky asks to use the

Vladymyr Zelensky in his speech at the Security Council session said that the people of Ukraine have experienced 754 days of suffering from Russia.

He said the use of the right of veto can restore the power of the United Nations.

"I am grateful to the Albanian leadership for organizing this meeting. The initiation of this aggression by the state, which for some reason is here, has caused hundreds of days of suffering. It has caused 754 days of suffering, Russia has divided tens of thousands and destroyed families. This war is an aggression by Russia that aims to annex our territories and resources, seeks to undermine international values. Ukraine has the right to defend itself. Helping with armaments in this war has helped to protect this country. The UN has recognized that it is in a war caused by Russia, but this has not changed anything. When it comes to protecting countries, new platforms and alliances are being sought that can reduce the number of problems."

He says that Russia illegally sits on the UN Council.

"Yesterday in my speech at the General Assembly I said that the Ukrainian peace formula is the basis in the world to restore the international order. Specifically, it is called implementation of the United Nations Charter. In this council Russia illegally sat. Action by the United Nations could have stopped this aggression. I know you are capable of more. Using the veto could restore power to the United Nations. "/ CNA

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