Europe is at risk of drought, what experts warn

2024-02-25 14:39:00, Kosova & Bota CNA
Europe is at risk of drought, what experts warn
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High temperatures and low rainfall have brought a part of the Mediterranean into critical condition. This is confirmed by the news that at the beginning of this month, Catalonia declared a state of emergency due to drought.

With reservoir levels as low as 16 percent of capacity and no rain in some areas, authorities have placed limits on the amount of water residents can use.

However, Spain is not the only country suffering as water supplies in southern Europe are running out. According to the latest data update of the European Drought Observatory, about 17 percent of the EU territory is now facing severe drought conditions, Euronews writes .

Andrea Toretti, coordinator of the European and Global Drought Observatory, Copernicus, says that part of Europe is already in big trouble because of climate change.

"If we look at the current conditions, based on the latest data we have until the end of January, we see that many areas in the Mediterranean region are actually already under drought warning conditions," Toreti said.

As he added, the combination of drought and heat waves created major consequences in the region in recent years and became one of the important world topics. /CNA 

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