Albania-Kosovo 15 million euros for cross-border cooperation for the years 2021-2027

2024-02-29 15:22:00, Ekonomi CNA
Albania-Kosovo 15 million euros for cross-border cooperation for the years
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About 15 million euros will be financed for the implementation of the Albania-Kosovo Cross-Border Cooperation Program for the years 2021-2027.

Of the total value of the investment, 9.7 million euros will be financed through the budgets of the two states, while 8.4 million euros will be the contribution of the EU in the framework of the IPA III program.

The implementation of this program, according to the agreement approved at the beginning of February, aims to promote good neighborly relations and the economic development of border areas through sustainable tourism.

45% of IPA III funds will be allocated for environmental protection. For some activities in the environment, the program foresees that investments are also planned for adaptation to climate change and for risk prevention and management.

Approximately 45% of the funds will be allocated for the promotion of tourism and cultural heritage, including the mobilization of local actors, as well as supporting the cultural heritage tourist offer with new products and services.

In Albania, the beneficiary areas of the program will be the district of Kukës, which includes the municipalities, such as: Kukës, Has and Tropoja, and of Lezhë for the municipalities, such as: Lezhë, Mirditë and Kurbin.

In Kosovo, the beneficiary areas of the program will be the Southern Economic Region, with the municipalities: Prizren, Gragash, Rahovekë, Suharekë, Malishevë and Mamusha.

The 6 municipalities of the Western Economic Region will also benefit, such as: Peja, Deçani, Gjakova, Istog, Klinë and Junik.

The priority for tourism should be the promotion of nature and traditional folklore. For cultural heritage, the focus will be on the promotion of religious objects, in addition to historical ones. The promotion of tourism in cross-border areas will also be developed through environmental farms and agribusinesses, as well as with tourist service providers.

The progress of achieving the objectives will be measured by the opening of new jobs and businesses.

Through the implementation of the program, it is predicted that the number of new businesses in border areas will increase by 100% by 2030 compared to 2021 and the number of new jobs will increase by 50% compared to 2021. /Monitor

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