KPP rejects the tender for the improvement of the e-Taxation system

2024-02-27 07:32:00, Ekonomi CNA

KPP rejects the tender for the improvement of the e-Taxation system

The Public Procurement Commission (PPC) has requested the cancellation of the evaluation of the Bid Evaluation Commission regarding the procedure "Improvement of the e-Taxation System for the General Directorate of Taxes" after the complaint of an operator.

The latter has made a request for a review of the preliminary notification of the winner, which results on December 20, 2023. After evaluating the documentation made available by the appellant, but also the general evaluation of the progress of this procedure, this commission has issued a decision a few days previously asking to correct the errors found.

The Public Procurement Commission decides: To accept the complaint submitted by the economic operator "Helius Systems" LLC for the procurement procedure "Open, above the upper monetary limit" 10.09.2023. with object: "Improvement of the e-taxation system - for the General Directorate of Taxes", with a limited fund of 154 million lek without VAT, for the period of 12 months, or 1.46 million euros.

The contracting authority to cancel the decision of the KVO on the qualification of the economic operator "Helius Systems" LLC, by qualifying this economic operator," says the decision of the KPP.

Earlier, another procedure related to the system, but this time for maintenance, was returned for re-evaluation, but at that time, the National Information Society Agency said that the operator was unqualified for 9 points of the procedure, while the KPP had dismissed only 8 of them.

The situation with e-taxation for Taxes has been considered as an emergency requiring intervention in an audit of the High State Control. This system has a number of important functions, including fiscalization.

The KLSH report estimated that this system was in critical condition. Specifically, the auditors cited that "it was found that the physical equipment of the e-Taxation system is in a very critical situation, a system that is very important for DPT, based on the operational actions that are carried out there both by the business side, the tax administration, as well as by other institutions with which interactions with the data of this system have been built"./ Monitor magazine 

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