The 40 million euro project for roads, tourism also adds Fushë-Lura to the list

2024-02-12 07:37:00, Ekonomi CNA
The 40 million euro project for roads, tourism also adds Fushë-Lura to the
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The increase in the number of domestic and foreign tourists interested in natural and adventure tourism has also put the Arras-Fushë Lure road on the investment map.

This road is part of the project to enable tourism and infrastructure with a value of 40 million euros that includes technical assistance and grants from the European Union and is also complemented by a sovereign loan of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development for the Albanian government.

The Albanian Development Fund as the contracting authority announced in the EBRD system about the last road where it will be intervened and which essentially improves access for tourists in this area of ??Dibra.

"The section of the Sine (Arras) - Fushë Lure road is part of the Peshkopi - Fushë Lure road. This road is the main axis that connects the town of Peshkopia with Fushë Lura and other areas near this village. Recently, this road is increasingly used by local and foreign tourists, especially during the summer, to enjoy mountain tourism and the various attractions of the area. Therefore, the rehabilitation of this axis has become very important and necessary for attracting more tourists and facilitating trade and communication between the residents of Peshkopia and those of all the villages scattered in the area of ??Fushë Lura.

The scope of the works will include the aforementioned road section in the Dibra Municipality. The district of Dibra is located in the northeastern part of Albania and is characterized by a hilly-mountainous relief", says the ADF publication on the EBRD website.

Focusing on more detailed elements of the project, it is underlined that the road section that will be fully rehabilitated has a total length of 2,144 m; it starts at the intersection that connects the main road with the village of Sine and ends at the intersection with the road from Arras to Fushë Lure. This road section needs serious interventions to strengthen the load capacity of the road, the construction of new retaining walls, some channels and repair works on the existing tobins and a bridge, as well as other works to increase the level of safety for road users. on the way.

"Between Arras and Fushë Lura, asphalt works will be carried out (coated layer with a thickness of 4 cm) and the installation of supports in certain places (7000 m in total) for a total length of approx. 20 km.

Finally, the existing rehabilitated roadway will be 6 wide, consisting of two paved lanes, 2.5 wide in each direction, plus 0.5 shoulder width in each direction. The design speed has generally been 50 km/h, although in certain sections the design speed has been reduced to 30 km/h due to particularly difficult stretches," ADF estimates./ Monitor Magazine

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