Albanians spent 385 euros on meat per capita in 2022, among the lowest in Europe

2024-02-08 11:47:00, Ekonomi CNA
Albanians spent 385 euros on meat per capita in 2022, among the lowest in Europe
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An Albanian spent an average of 385 euros on meat consumption in 2022, with an increase in spending of almost 17% compared to 2021, according to Eurostat's calculations on the consumption components of Europe.

As seen from the graph below, Albanians are listed in the eight countries with the lowest expenses for meat in Europe. Turkey spends less with 258 euros per capita, North Macedonia with 265 euros per capita, Bulgaria with 300 euros, Poland with 329 euros, Hungary with 339 euros, Bosnia with 370 euros and Albania with 385 euros.

On the other hand, the highest expenses for meat in Europe are Luxembourg, where 790 euros are spent per year per capita. Further in the ranking Iceland with 785 euros, Switzerland with 740 euros, Belgium with 719 euros of meat per capita spent per year.

Meat is more expensive in Luxembourg and Switzerland, where the price level is more than 2.5 times more expensive than in the rest of Europe. According to Eurostat data, the price level is mainly higher in Northern European countries such as Iceland, Norway and Luxembourg.

In the countries of origin, meat is a cheap product compared to Western Europe. Poland was the country with the cheapest meat prices, in relation to the average of the European Union, followed by Bulgaria with about 42% cheaper.

In Albania, the price of meat has increased in recent years, reflecting the problems with local production due to the decrease in the number of heads. On the other hand, the demand is constantly increasing due to high tourist flows.

Part of the meat needs are being covered by imports.

Meat and dairy were the products with the largest increase in imports during 2022, among other food categories.
Last year, our country was visited by about 10 million tourists, as meat is the basis of traditional cuisine. Restaurants are now challenged to offer visitors local produce.

As consumers face higher dairy prices, farmers are cutting head numbers due to higher costs. The abandonment of the countryside by people is reducing the number of small farms, while large farms with many heads are suffering problems in the food chain.

The number of heads has halved in two decades, while the decline is accelerating in recent years.

The World Food Organization, in a last year's analysis of Agriculture and Rural Development in our country, recommended that financial support is too low to take the sector to the path of sustainable development.

FAO estimated that the amount of subsidies should reach 10% of the Gross Added Value from less than 1% that the Albanian government currently gives./Monitor

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