60 million euros for the Durrës Waterworks / The new loan signed by the government

2022-11-15 12:47:00, Ekonomi CNA

60 million euros for the Durrës Waterworks / The new loan signed by the

Prime Minister Edi Rama appeared at a press conference together with the French Secretary of State for European Affairs, Laurence Bonne, where they announced the signing of the agreement for the financing of the Waterworks network in Durrës, between the Albanian government and the French Development Agency.

France has given Albania 60 million euros in loans which will be invested in the Durrës water supply system.

In his speech, Rama said that this investment will transform the city.

"I want to express my satisfaction for this important agreement, which was announced at the beginning of the year, but now realized. To intervene with a massive investment in Durres that enables a transformation of the Durres water supply system. We remember that when the tragedy of November 26 happened, President Macron was the first to be interested, he was one of those European colleagues in those difficult days asking about the progress of the search for rescues. He engaged a body which came to Albania. And then the president got personally involved by including France in the group of countries that pledged financial support. And here we are today, where we bring down a long and significant process. They are funds that a part of them have been included in the implementation process with the EU program for nursery schools, etc.," said Rama.


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