"SPAK has produced a real boil"/ Basha's analyst: High tension between Rama and Veliaj

2024-02-13 08:38:00, Aktualitet CNA

"SPAK has produced a real boil"/ Basha's analyst: High tension

During the meeting of the SP Assembly two days ago, the socialists burst into criticism against the mayor Erion Veliaj.

According to Basha's analyst, Fitim Zekthi, there is a high tension between Prime Minister Edi Rama and Mayor Veliaj that comes from the internal war that has been vitalized by SPAK.

Basha's analyst stated in the Opinion show that SPAK's strike has affected the balance in SP and this has produced a real boil.

"For me, yes, it is a high tension. Not only between Rama and Veliaj. I think that Rama may be very concerned about the internal struggle that may have been vitalized by SPAK. It has affected the SP in some very fragile balances. Some people are being beaten and those who are being beaten want to protect themselves by asking Rama for protection. Rama cannot protect them and this has produced a real boil inside.

Erion Veliaj has a certain pole, Taulant Balla represents something and has a certain policy, Fatmir Xhafaj maybe, Ditmir Bushati maybe. But most importantly, SP is driven by 3 important components. A political line that is Rama with some people who do not have a big ideology, they are mostly liberal, the components of organized crime and those of clientelistic business. These components manage power, each receiving political and economic privileges. The fall of one upsets the whole balance. Rama made the political mistake in 2013, when he gathered everyone to take power. That famous expression "let's collect all the filth to take power", said Zekthi./ CNA

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