Dom Gjergj Meta, harshly criticizes the media/ The journalist profession is in deep crisis

2024-02-12 21:57:00, Aktualitet CNA
Dom Gjergj Meta, harshly criticizes the media/ The journalist profession is in
Monsignor Dom Gjergj Meta

Monsignor Dom Gjergj Meta has severely criticized the media regarding the news of black chronicles that they report.

Dom Gjergj Meta says that the black chronicle lacks a reliable narrative and the media has become like a morgue.

He declares that the journalist profession is in deep crisis more than ever, as he claims that reporters do not have the proper professional structure.

According to him, not every photo taken at an event, not every video or every word spoken, has the value of truth.

Full text:

The lack of reliable narrative in the black chronicle

Every day traditional media and portals serve us black chronicle events. Of the most diverse. Many portals have become like a morgue where the existence of corpses no longer impresses. Some even place the photos outside the walls to attract the eyes of passers-by. We get used to them. At least apparently, since the layers that are created in our subconscious, from their toxic content, are there sooner or later they will come to the surface with unpredictable consequences.

What I note with great sadness is the lack of a narrative (or narratives) leading to the truth of an event. Many voices do not always guarantee a multidimensional view, but are often a source of confusion and even fuel mixed feelings towards the event and the people involved.

The majority of people do not have reading filters or understanding of what is being said, especially a certain adult age who are victims of everything that is written or placed in a video with sound and image on social networks that have fallen to them like nets over the top. The young people? Their truth is that they are not interested, but that is another matter. 

The profession of journalism is in deep crisis more than ever. News, because this is journalism, it is true that it does not enter the blood, but it has the task of accurately conveying what it is news about. This is because the event and the news about it are not his property. He just has to pass it on. But how can he do this if he does not have the right professional structure to do it?

Not every photo taken at a crime scene, not every video or every chatter has the value of truth. The truth is a puzzle where the pieces must be placed harmoniously and in relation to each other. This is why many news and events are a poorly constructed media "mosaic", unwatchable and even leaving a bitter taste.

There are many events that have caused a stir, especially the events with a family character or stories that have been told as pink, that encourage a kind of gossip rather than the desire for the truth and the urge to react. Media agencies are more interested in the algorithm of clicks, in viewership, than in the objective truth of information. Just look at the pollution that comes from comments at any event.

We cannot and should not get used to corpses and destroyed lives. They are lives that used to move in our streets and neighborhoods. And someday we can be like that too. Contributing to a quality and protected life is everyone's duty and right.

We need a narrative of life and its beauty in order to unmask evil and not get used to it./ CNA

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