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Exclusive documents-How were guaranteed 128 million euros /Corrupt scheme of Tirana incinerator, names and companies involved


Exclusive documents-How were guaranteed 128 million euros /Corrupt scheme of Tirana incinerator, names and companies involved



Thellohet skandali me inceneratorin e Fierit/ Faktet, “këmbanë alarmi” për SPAK

*The first part

In a full investigation conducted by staff, we were able to unravel the scheme, how the Albanian government has given 50 million euros for two incinerators, that in Elbasan and Fier. By investigating the documents, providing and exclusive materials, we have shown very clearly that they are the same people who hide behind incinerators.

Who are the citizens Klodian Zoto, the citizen Mirel Mërtiri, and the cohabitant of the latter Stela Gugalla. These four people, are the main people who have received the two unsolicited bids for the incinerator of Elbasan and Fier, for which the Albanian government must pay at least 50 million euros. (Read here)

These two incinerators, one of which has started working, are a scheme widely accused by the opposition as a corrupt floor, favored for clienteles connections of Rama government ministers, but which go as far as the mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj. Today we are bringing the first part of the investigation, made by our staff regarding the incinerator of Tirana.

A concession of 128 million euros, for 30 years. An investment that includes the Sharra landfill, where an incinerator will be built to generate energy, and urban waste and other waste will also be treated. has been able to provide again authentic documents, which clearly show the truth of the incinerators, beyond what we have been told in the media, it is completely different and for this is enough to look at the documents.

According to the data advertised by the Albanian government, and if we listen this interview given by the mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, which you can read here, it is said that it is a large dutch company that will employ people, and others like them. The public lies, that Veliaj told every day.

In fact, this is not true at all. has been able to find out, that the company which is claimed to be a dutch company, Integreted Energy BV, is simple and only a company created by the same people, involved in the construction of incinerators in Fier and Elbasan.

So in the scene appears again Klodian Zoto, the italian who signed the contracts for the construction of incinerators, Ernesto Granelli, and some other offices which are mainly administrators of shares or representing individuals who do not want to appear with names. has also been able to ensure, that the mother company, is a company registered in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, which is called Residence Coorporate Servise.

This company also has about 32 groups of companies, registered in the chamber of commerce, where it is registered have the same address Delflandlaan 1 Queens Tower. Also, if we look at the Chamber of Commerce, there are companies that represent this company, at the second and third level, where a company called Almares Management BV co-operates with Klodian Zoto’s company in the Netherlands.

Searching first with the name of the company Integreted Energy BV, we found some complete data. According to the documents, this company has the first registration on 19.08.2016. If we look closely, the directors are three names.

Klodian Zoto, of the Fier incinerator, Ernesto Granelli, the Italian who signs the contracts with keys in hand for the construction of the incinerator of Fier and Elbasan with Klodian Zoto, and has a partnership with Stela Gugalla, where in the company managed by Mirel Mërtiri, the values of the generators are 15 million euro.

So, what we have been told us by politics, by Veliaj and government propaganda, that it is a dutch company with great experience, that will create many jobs, and will do wonders in Tirana, is nothing else but a company registered a year before winning the concession for the Tirana landfill and the incinerator.

Registered in 2016, and in 2017 “Rama 1” government gave the concession 128 million euros. Where is the experience here? What Mayor Veliaj or Prime Minister Rama declare, and the attitudes held by them in public about the 128 million euro concession for a dutch company, are simply lies.

The prosecution already has the “ass” under its sleeve. The fact that the dutch company was an offshore shell, and with unknown names. Now the names are there, is enough to go to the Trading Room or to the above addresses. But not for so long, as they can still be hidden under companies and other names.

In fact, Integreted Energy BV, is a company with director Ernesto Granelli, Klodian Zoto and Thomas Walter Hansman, in 2016. Which shows that it was registered simply and only in the Netherlands, to lose her track.

As we said above, the company Integreted Energy BV, is part of the scheme of the company Residences Koorporate Servis, where with different schemes, dozens of companies are involved by hiding the names of shareholders, then in surface emerge only leading executives. has been able to find out, that there are dozens of companies that have the same address, the same representatives, are located in the same office, in the same building in Amsterdam. Here are the companies of Klodian Zoto, whose name appears somewhere, and then begins to disappear, or his companies start to change their names and all enter the secret cycle.

And it is not difficult in fact, if a prosecutor and institutions would take it seriously and investigate, because the traces are there. “The Devil is hidden in the details”. Let’s go further. We were able to find out that in 2017, that for the first time, at the beginning of this year, the company paid the capital, which led to the value of 50 thousand euros. And here begins the moment of Albania.

It’s a company that was in the negotiations then with officials of the Albanian government, which was able to further receive a concession of 128 million euros, from the Albanian government. If we look at the documents, the contract between the Ministry of Environment and the company for the construction of the incinerator and the rehabilitation of existing landfills in Tirana and the production of electricity, was signed on August 31, 2017.

And the concession was given to the company Integreted Energy BV SPV, which has 100% shareholders of the company Integreted Energy BV, according to the NRC extract, which you can see below. The company was established in Tirana on August 30, in the NRC was registered on August 31, and on the same day signed the contract.

The contract also states that it was signed by Mr. Lefter Koka, a few days before he left office as Minister of Environment, as a representative of the SMI (Socialist Movement for Integration party). The contract was signed by Minister Lefter Koka, and by concessionaire Integreted Energy BV SPV company, by its representative Giuseppe Ciaffaglione.

LEXO EDHE:  “Landfilli i Sharrës një skenë krimi”/ Këlliçi: 11 milionë euro vidhen përmes inceneratorit të Tiranës

But who is Giuseppe Ciaffaglione

If we look at the data of Integreted Energy BV in the Netherlands, it turns out that after 2017, when the capital was paid at the beginning of the year, until December there was no registered activity, but after the concession was taken, a few months more later begin the movements.

One of the directors resigned. Then resigned also Ernesto Granelli from that duty, who guarantees the building of incinerators with keys in hand, the shareholder of the company Energy Recuperator and then co-partner with Stela Gugala, with the company ER One Albania, to the incinerator of Elbasan.

Meanwhile, on 18.01.2018, there is another change. So, about 6 months after the Albanian government signed with the Integreted Energy BV SPV the concession contract, started some moves. According to the data, the company Almares Menagment BV is represented by a director.

So it is also enters the scheme, and there are already two directors signing, one of Integreted Energy BV and the other of Almares Menagment BV, both of them at one address, one office, with the same mother company. In Almares Menagment BV case, there are other details that we will bring in the following articles.

Also, the director of Integrated Energy BV, which is the mother company, is the administrator

of the company Integrated Energy BV SPV in Tirana, but he has no right to perform business administration of the enterprise, nor the financial, banking, legal and other performance activities of society. The one who signs for the company from the Netherlands as a “DIRECTOR”, in Tirana there is nobody, he makes only technical work.

But what is Almares Menagment BV?

This is part of the scheme of the mother company mentioned above, and again has the same address, the same office, in the same building with Integreted Energy BV, the company of Klodian Zoto, Ernesto Granelli and some other citizens, who in fact it seems that foreigners are representative directors that play the game for the companies, within the big corporation, which builds endless schemes and companies to hide and move their names, until they no longer appear.

After receiving Almares Menagment BV, her position and director. So this company will have a director within the company Integreted Energy BV. Klodian Zoto was withdrawn on March 20, 2018 from the director post, and he was replaced by Giuseppe Ciaffaglione.

Giuseppe Ciaffaglione, the Italian who signed the contract of the Ministry of Environment with the Integreted Energy BV SPV company in Albania, is the administrator of Klodian Zoto’s company. So, the Italian who is in charge of the company, is the administrator of Klodian Zoto in Tirana.

But what do we see next?

Further everything is calm, and the only changes are around 2019, where there have been other reports of changes in the Netherlands. There are at least about 20 ties and changes reported for Integreted Energy BV, where the first as we said, appears Klodian Zoto and Ernesto Granelli, and then a Dutch company, which is apparently the shell, where the traces of everything that happened have disappeared.

The companies have the same address Delflandlaan 1 Queens Tower in Amsterdam, and they were registered in the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands, where Klodian Zoto, Ernesto Granelli and all the “screenwriters” for the building of the Tirana incinerator, have tried to hide the traces.

Another striking detail is the fact that it’s very clear from the scheme used, that they are companies that have no money. They are not able to invest, or for major investments. They are companies created in shells abroad, that come in Albania with a bunch of documents, and ask hundreds of millions of euros to realize a project.

Thus, every Albanian citizen can prepare a bunch of letters, make some contracts and sign concessions, but no one gives them. This raises the strong suspicions, that there is a complete corruption scheme involving senior officials of the Albanian state, from the government, ministers, to the mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj.

Because anyone can make a few letters, create a company, the procedure of which does not cost much, and then get a 30-year concession, when in fact Integreted Energy BV has started only with the project in Albania, and then he went in 2 African countries, but this will belong to another writing. will further bring other exclusive documents, board decisions, contracts, schemes, government decisions and everything else, that has happened since the beginning with the birth of Integreted Energy BV in the Netherlands, then with Albanian companies Integreted Energy BV SPV, the introduction on stage of the new company Almares Menagment, the disappearance of the track, the movement and the return to the stage of many names, who are not unknown, but are simple and only screenwriters and actors who have been able to secure 128 million euros.

So about 4.3 million euros a year, from Albanian taxes for a company that has no experience, but that was founded shortly before signing the concession, and Integreted Energy BV company is simply a mask, used by Klodian Zoto and the Italian citizen Ernesto Granelli, to sign the next concession with the Albanian government.

Not to mention the lack of a transparent international competition and on equal legal terms. From the provided documents it results that Klodian Zoto, Mirel Mërtiri, Ernesto Granelli and Stela Gugalla, involved in a scheme, were able to provide through three incinerators, 178 million euros from the Albanian state budget, for the construction of incinerators.

For a long time, they have been able to receive and withdraw millions and millions of euros from the state budget. We will show these in other exclusive documents. It is enough to follow the money how they circulate, where they go, how they poured, and who are the people who fill their pockets with Albanian taxes and on behalf of incinerators and corrupt concessions, without talking about the traces and names of documents./

The official link of the article is this:  

Dokumentet ekskluzive-Si u garantuan 128 milion euro/ Skema korruptive e inceneratorit të Tiranës, emrat dhe kompanitë e përfshira

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“I am a man with public records”/ Luli Basha in delirium: I work 15 hours a day!




“I am a man with public records”/Luli Basha in delirium:I work 15 hours a day!

The leader of the opposition, Lulzim Basha, was invited yesterday on “Syri TV”, where he has not spared the praise for himself. Faced with the facts otherwise known as the opposition leader who has stayed more in office and less on the ground, Basha jumped into self-defense saying he works 15 hours a day, and he stays 4-5 days a week away from family because of his dedication for the work.

“I am a man who has public records. The work I have done has left a mark. My records are public, from day one in politics until today. Rama’s records are also public. 119 days has not been in government meetings. 1/3 of the year the prime minister has not been at work.

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His work is Instagram and Facebook, are pure propaganda. The are tweets, photos, montages. Those who know the government, know that making possible a national transport plan, and build it within 2 years like the Nation Road is not done without working at least 15-18 hours a day.

The moment you enter politics with dedication, you are obliged to sacrifice everything. Personal time, personal life and family. I sometimes spend 4-5 days without seeing the children at home because of my schedules”-said Basha./

“Jam njeri me rekorde publike”/ Basha në delir: Punoj 15 orë në ditë



Çlirim Gjata as a footballer of Luli Basha




From yesterday Çlirim Gjata, one of the secretaries of the New Republic of Lulzim Basha, has been and object of many accusations and attacks on the network, due to a post he made, where after the death of Diego Armando Maradona, the great icon of world football, the man who can be called the football gladiator, and perhaps the unrepeatable talent

His post caused a lot of grief to the fans, and especially to those who follow the sport, or every ordinary person who has seen football at that time or has followed the human history of Diego Armando Maradona, who can also be called the king of fans.
But Çlirim Gjata has not reacted with silence or with a comforting reaction, an expression of human solidarity or pain. Maybe he doesn’t watch football, he is not a fan, and he was not impressed by Armando Maradona. On the other hand he said that his relatives are dying, and in front of this Maradona’s death is nothing.

Moreover, the latter went to the communists of Fidel Castro in Cuba, when he had troubles. Apart from this mediocre and disgusting reaction of Çlirim Gjata, that has caused a great reaction, this post shows something else, the complex that Çlirim Gjata because he is a communist boy, or a servant of the dictatorship, of a judge of that time who has given macabre sentences, the son of Rustem Gjata.
So, Çlirim that tells us with its name what is its origin, mentions for a great footballer his political behavior, ie the relationship with Castro or Cuba, and this is judged by Çlirim of Rustem Gjata, the “famous” jurist who he once became the chairman of the CEC and with a lot of deeds and misfortune he ran away.

But beyond the fact where Çlirim comes from and where it goes, and what it represents, the impossible comparison of what has been and will remain in the history of the world, the magic of Diego Armando Maradona, his reaction makes you think and something else.
How strong is the competition between the “leaders” of the New Republic and those of the Renaissance for such nonsense, provocations, perhaps even insults to the public, the fans, in cases like Maradona, when they feel pain after losing their icon while Çlirim Gjata has as icon the dictator because of his family heritage.

LEXO EDHE:  Veliaj nuk ndalet as ditën e Pavarësisë/ Tirana do Unazën e Madhe

LEXO EDHE:  Veliaj nuk ndalet as ditën e Pavarësisë/ Tirana do Unazën e Madhe

However, there is a very beautiful truth:once Çlirim and his people cried when Enver Hoxha died, while the Albanian fans yesterday reacted with spirit and strength for the loss of the icon and their king of football. This comparison doesn’t need further clarification./



Privatization of the former Partizani Club/Three lies why the lawsuit of Taulant Balla is wrong




Privatization of the former Partizani Club/Three lies why the lawsuit of Taulant Balla is wrong

Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha, his son-in-law Jamarbër Malltezi, former Minister of
Defense Arben Imami and other officials during the “Berisha” government, have been
criminally reported to SPAK, for the privatization of state property of the former Partizani
Club, an area of about 10.000 m2, in the center of Tirana, where today have been built 17
towers. The report was filed by the chairman of the socialist parliamentary group, Taulant Balla, who
accuses former senior officials of abuse of office, illegal influence, forgery of documents,
laundering of proceeds of crime and corruption.

First, it seems that this lawsuit is a lie, and there are many untruths. The beneficiary person with the same procedure, but in another property, is the deputy of SP Xhemal Qefalia. And the property in question is one of dozens of properties that have been rightfully reclaimed by the former owners. Why Taulant Balla doesn’t take Xhemail Qefalia’s property to SPAK?

On the other hand, it is claimed that this property should not be privatized by giving it to the former owners, as
they were expropriated in 1940 by the Italians. But there is another fact.
The former owners have a court order and a Property Restitution Commission decision.

Institutions implement the law, court decisions, decisions of the Property Commission. It is the court, and not the Ministry of Defense or the Ministry of Economy, what solves the
big question. The owners have gone to court, acquired ownership, and sought pre-emption
rights to the property.

Therefore, the whole scheme set up by Taulant Balla, seems to be a ridiculous decision
against the justice system, it is against the owners and against the socialist deputies. In case
there is corruption in the court decision, then this should be investigated by the judge. The
issue can be resolved through legal means.

It can not be solved by any of the ministers of Edi Rama, as they are obliged to implement the
law. So for the objects that are put up for sale, priority is given to the former landowners.
This is what happened, nothing more. And what did Taulant Balla and the boys of the
Renaissance bring to SPAK?

LEXO EDHE:  Boshatisen rrugët, lokalet kyçin dyert/ Pamje nga Tirana e zbrazët, pas orës 22:00

LEXO EDHE:  Tirana, shumë kandidatë, asnjë projekt

Nothing, they are doing a show, they are making fun of justice institutions, such as SPAK,
because they are turning it into a rag to wipe away cement, and not a real justice institution.
The facts show that everything that is claimed is a lie.

If Balla is really worried about the Ministry of Defense, let take Mimi Kodheli to SPAK, who
turned off the radars, favoring drug trafficking, as Saimir Tahiri himself admitted. Although
the minister who signed the privatization, Gazmend Oketa once had an ally.
The former owners took the land, paid the money, and bought the building that was built on
their land. As we mentioned above, if there are forgeries, let them investigate the prosecution
structures, and find out whether it was sold or not, and who forged the documents of the
owners, or if the judge was corrupted.

But it is wrong to accuse the state institutions, that in this case have applied only the law, so
they have recognized the right of pre-emption to the owners. The law states that the right of
pre-emption belongs to the former owners, who are recognized through the decision of the
court and the Property Commission.
If there is corruption in the entire property recognition procedure, then it is the prosecution
that solves it. So it investigates how this property was acquired, even those of the SP deputy

Xhemal Qefalia. If Xhemal Qefalia and other co-owners have falsified the property decision,
they should be held responsible and go to jail./

Privatizimi i ish-klubit Partizani/ Tre gënjeshtrat pse padia e Taulant Ballës nuk qëndron