Study/ Use of synthetic drugs

2024-04-22 10:03:00, Sociale CNA

Study/ Use of synthetic drugs

Modern society today is facing many different challenges, among which is the challenge of drug abuse by young people, where the effects of abuse and their impact on young people are quite large.

The market for synthetic drugs: amphetamine, methamphetamine and ecstasy (MDMA), as well as synthetic versions of cannabis and opioids such as heroin, runs into billions of euros every year and the sophistication of producers and traffickers continues to grow.

In our country, their use is recently by young people in schools, but also in concerts or night clubs.

A large part of young people frequent these types of pharmacies in society. There are many possible reasons why young people may use synthetic drugs, some of them may be:

The influence of social media and pop culture

The positive portrayal of drugs in social media and pop culture can influence their acceptance by young people.

Low risk perception

Sometimes, young people may perceive synthetic drugs as more unpleasant than other drugs, making them easier to use.

Curiosity and experimentation

Some young people may experiment with drugs to understand their effects, without understanding the dangers associated with their use.

Coping with stress and social pressure

Some young people may use drugs to cope with stress, anxiety, depression, or to conform to the norm of a social group that uses them.

Some synthetic drugs are easier to find

In some cases, synthetic drugs may be easier to find or cheaper than other drugs.

Genetic factors and environmental factors

In some cases, genetic predisposition and the social environment of the neighborhood can influence drug use by young people.

While the use of synthetic drugs is taking hold of many young people, very little is said about their effects on the body. These drugs cause irreversible damage up to the loss of life.

One of the most controversial problems nowadays is the abuse of young people with different types of drugs, therefore the purpose of this study is to see if young people have knowledge about drug abuse and the impact of drug use, having considering age, effects and the social environment in which they grow up./ CNA




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