Assisted violence, lived violence

2024-04-14 19:17:00, Sociale Lira Gjika

Assisted violence, lived violence

When the child lives in a violent environment, automatically, he is educated and assisted to learn this behavior on his own.

Domestic violence is called "assisted violence", since those who have to protect and educate the child are the first to not worry about the consequences of their behavior. They don't care what the child feels.

They, the mother and father, see the child sad, scared and they are not impressed, they continue their "avaza". They, "unwittingly", force the child to learn and develop anger, hatred, belittling and suspicion of the other.

They force children not to believe in goodness and respect for themselves and that relationships with others are built and based on mutual trust. These children cannot learn the good, because in their home, in their family, this thing does not happen and is not practiced.

Parents, teachers, citizens who work in public institutions, who have the duty of protecting the child, you have the duty to avoid this way, "assisted violence" even though you yourself grew up in these conditions and it seems normal to you. I write these lines because the expression "who beats you, loves you" is present in our relationships with others.

Many women, mothers of children, endure the man's violence and, worst of all, justify it, the man. Many girls endure the violence of their fathers and mothers and justify them.

Many sisters endure brother's violence and justify it. All these women and men, who practice and endure violence, have come from such families.

Violence is an act punishable by law and should not be justified in any way. To change this situation, we must start learning to apply the law, which prohibits violence, starting from the family.


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