Autism Day/ Doctor: The appearance of this symptom is not related to vaccines

2024-04-02 22:43:00, Sociale CNA
Autism Day/ Doctor: The appearance of this symptom is not related to vaccines
Doctor Ariel Çomo

On World Autism Day, Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Medicine, Dr. Ariel Çomo, spoke about this symptom.

Regarding the permanent concerns of parents, about the appearance of autism and their impact from vaccines, Dr. Çomo stated that all studies have shown that they have no connection with each other.

"Discussions on vaccines are and will be and will continue to be.

There is no link between vaccines and autism.

Studies have verified this, which has been a considerable concern of parents and the population. If there is concern among the population, there is also concern for policy-making.

The White House has commissioned itself in those types of studies that have or have any connection with vaccines and autism. But these two are not related.

Something happens in the organism of a child that does not allow the child process to carry out the normal process of growth, as it happens in other children.

In young children, it means that his communication through the eyes, following his mother's laughter or following the environment, is not similar to that of his peers.

This connection of the eyes with what happens in the environment has a meaning behind it. What is the meaning? It is not in the differences that the cells in different children may have, but in the connection they create with each other.

Within this, humanity is unable today to say with extreme accuracy what is happening there. But something is happening, that is known.

The cause then to a large number of factors, starting from genetic things, but also to environmental things, to toxicities, things we eat, foods and all are what make up in the end at all, the difference between a pair of cells that work in a way certain and a pair of other cells", said Dr. Ariel Çomo.

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