Pain and fear, the two mistakes of parents in the education of children

2024-04-13 21:14:00, Sociale CNA

Pain and fear, the two mistakes of parents in the education of children

Pain and fear produce relentless survival mechanisms that feed on feeling threatened. When these two feelings are used as "tools" of education, as unfortunately still happens with us, we will have insensitive adults with no respect for themselves and others. In these individuals, mistreatment becomes a behavior and they fail to communicate otherwise.

When this group is in front of individuals weaker than themselves, they mistreat them, while when they are in front of individuals who are more powerful than them, they submit to them. Bad education produces only violence and subjugation. Attention parents, when you treat your children try to be humane.

Do not use fear, threats, labeling, insensitivity, and especially the command not to cry when the child is upset. Parents, educators, teachers, punish the action but not the child, give him the right to be upset, you must teach him the rule with respect and not with threats.   

Pain, like fear, are individual feelings and defense mechanisms, but when they come together and interact, they directly influence the child's mental health. This combination of pain and fear brings into play the mechanism of forgetfulness, which does not allow the event to be remembered.

Thus, both fear and pain from protective mechanisms turn into crippling mechanisms. The construction and development of the child's psyche, under the stress of anxiety, what will happen and what he will feel, influences not only psychologically but also physically, in brain structures, such as the hippocampus or amygdala, structures that deal directly with memory and thought.


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