How children's brains work

2023-12-07 07:35:00, Sociale CNA

How children's brains work

The brain is the only organ in the human body that needs difficulty and the unknown in order to function well.

The difficulty of discovery and recognition makes the brain, the mind, work at full capacity. Remember the scientists, because it happens to them as well as to children, that every day they try to know and solve the unknowns in nature and in the universe.

This difficult process of learning about nature makes the scientist's brain and mind work better every day, because every day he, like a child, discovers something new that he must combine with what he knows, find the right place for it. .

This process, which combines the mind and the brain in joint work and realizes the process of knowing, discovering and then creating the right tools, is the same thing that happens with the child. Every day he learns and discovers new things that he must learn the meaning of, combine with what he knows and find the place and time when they should be used. This whole process takes its time.

Some children are faster in some directions and some others in other directions, but this does not mean that they cannot learn and develop those who are less fast, after all, why do we have pedagogy , it was created for this very purpose, to help the student learn things even though they seem difficult.

Pedagogy shows the student that things are difficult when we don't know them and when we learn them they are easy, so there is no such thing as "easy and difficult" but simply "know or don't know". It just takes a little patience from the adults, parents and teachers.

Instead of distinguishing where he is fast and where he is slow, it is better to encourage the child by showing him the achievement.

Adults should "spend" the time to distinguish the child's achievement and not to distinguish between what the child knows and what the child himself does not know yet.

As parents and teachers, try to help children enjoy their achievements and not show them failure. Showing failure is not hardship but humiliation and undoing.

Parents and teachers, try to help children believe in themselves and not be ashamed of it. You don't become good when they point out your faults and insult you, but when they believe and you believe and encourage your children, your students.

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