Focusing on children / What parents need to know

2023-12-03 15:10:00, Sociale Lira Gjika

Focusing on children / What parents need to know

Concentration is the action of our tendency to gather "forces" to accomplish a task or goal.

This powerful phenomenon of the brain that summarizes all our abilities to realize, to use our potentials, but also to create and multiply abilities to overcome and endure difficulties and to become a person who has a his words, theirs begins in childhood.

Concentration combined with intelligence makes it possible for one to reach these levels of science.

Therefore, parents, it is in your hand that this strength of our inclination and brain is not hindered by impatience or nervousness, but on the contrary, with a little care, it is strengthened and helps the child to grow, but not only physically. Concentration is directly related to education and self-knowledge.

Some examples of increased concentration:

Children begin their growth through play. In play they strengthen concentration, communication and speech.

When you see a child's drawing, try to encourage him to fill it in with other details and do not tear them up or throw them in the trash.

Respect the table rules, encourage the child to eat with a fork in foods that are eaten with a fork.

Involve the child in sports, especially in sports where eye-hand-foot concentration plays a key role.

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