Rihanna tells how fashion helped her after giving birth

2024-04-18 15:53:00, Lifestyle CNA
Rihanna tells how fashion helped her after giving birth

The well-known singer Rihanna has confessed a very personal side of herself, how she felt after the birth of two children, and how she managed to be as curated and attractive to the public.

Rihanna has revealed that being able to wear fashionable clothes in public again after having two children has led to a personal "rediscovery".

The singer revealed a secret as she admitted she felt very comfortable wearing pyjamas after giving birth to her second son last year.

After having children, fashion becomes "the least important thing," she said.

But speaking at the launch party for her latest Puma collaboration in London, she said the outfit "does something for you as a woman".

The multi-Grammy Award winner has two sons with A$AP Rocky-RZA rapper Athelaston Mayers, born in 2022, and Riot Rose Mayers, born in 2023.

"With my first pregnancy, I was able to wear heels all the way through," she said.

"But then with my second pregnancy, when you have a little baby and a belly, you can only have one coat, and one baby bag. Heels? Hmm, maybe not. So I got a little more creative with my cozy style.

And then I felt really comfortable after having my second child and just being in clothes that fit.

And now I'm having fun with my clothes."

Rihanna tells how fashion helped her after giving birth

Music star Rihanna attended the launch in London on Wednesday, days after being spotted at the Coachella festival in California.

"Getting back into the spotlight and thinking about fashion again has given her a rediscovery, to allow herself to reach into her closet and create things," she said.

"After a while when you have kids, you think it's the dumbest thing, the least important thing.

"But that's what being a wife and mother is all about, and it's really important to us," said Rihanna./ CNA

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