"They were waiting for a sign from each other"/ Almeda Abazi recounts meeting the Turkish actor

2023-05-27 22:18:00, Lifestyle CNA

"They were waiting for a sign from each other"/ Almeda Abazi recounts

Albanian model and actress Almeda Abazi has confessed the beginnings of her relationship with Tolgahan Sayi?man.

Almeda has revealed that both she and Tolgahan have the same type of attraction, which initially made them regret taking the first steps in a relationship.

The model shared how at first they both waited for the other to make the first move, and then Tolgahan asked them out together.

Almeda : We had the same social circle. We saw each other very often. We liked each other, but we didn't see each other.

Erjona Rusi:  But there was no spark. He hadn't made any gesture, or I don't know?

Amleda:  Of course there was, but I'm a bit of a cold person in terms of relationships. I don't flirt very easily, so I leave that part to Tolga. But of course I had the consent. Even Tolga has the same type as me, which means that he also waited on me.

So we were both waiting for a sign from each other and Tolga gave the sign.

Erjona Rusi : What was this first signal?

Almeda:  In the beginning we were... so as you said, I didn't go out with the first invitation. In fact, we had often gone out as a group, but this time he asked us to go out to./CNA.al




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