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"I would make a wrong reaction"/ Efi Dhedhes speaks "without gloves" about the debate with Zhaklina

2023-05-27 20:26:00, Lifestyle CNA

"I would make a wrong reaction"/ Efi Dhedhes speaks "without

The former resident of Big Brother Vip, Efi Dhedhes, has revealed the backstage of the debate between her and Big Brother's publicist, Zhaklina Lekatari.

EFi has shown that everything happened after a contrary opinion between her and Jacqueline about Louis Aille.

Efi confessed that if she hadn't had several sessions with her psychologist, then her reaction would have been different towards Zhaklina.

Among other things, she has shown that the reason why she got upset with Zhaklina was precisely after these conversations with the psychologist came out.

 "It was a different opinion of mine about Luiz, and a different opinion of Zhaklina. The moment we got behind the scenes, it was a loud argument on her part and this was a conversation I had with my psychologist, to show her that she did a very good job because if someone would get ahead of me, maybe I would make a wrong reaction. But now I didn't do anything and I was just explaining. The reason for Zhaklina's upset and resentment was precisely because some conversations with the psychologist came out, the messages, and she just got caught up in what she was interested in getting caught up in.

To the part that I would do that next action. But he forgot that I determined that it was about before, with the kind of nature I had" , said Efi./ CNA.al


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