Dea Mishel speaks after the experience in "Big Brother"/ "My family members have been threatened with death"

2023-05-21 14:44:00, Lifestyle CNA
Dea Mishel speaks after the experience in "Big Brother"/ "My
Dea Michelle

Dea Mishel was one of the finalists of "Big Brother VIP" and one of the characters, who during her journey on the "reality show" received the most negative comments.

Today, during an interview in "E Diell", it was stated that the thing that hurt her the most is that due to some situations she created in "Big Brother VIP", her family members received death threats and were bullied.

" The first thing they told me was that they like you a lot and I felt that when I came out from the people I met and the comments I got.

Then the second thing they told me was that during the period that I had made that Luiz-Kiara-Efi nomination I had received a lot of negative comments on the net.

The first week has been an exploration to understand how these situations have been seen abroad because in my opinion I was a player, I had three people against me and I nominated them not because I wanted to do a great harm or spoil work . For me it was a game and I didn't think it could be something so heavy outside.

For this part, I want to say that I have seen my family members very affected and they have suffered a lot. Now that I have returned home, I see that they are very busy and they are trying to process it because they have actually received death threats, they have received very harsh words. My little cousins ??who have been at school were bullied because they were my cousins. Apart from me, this thing has received great attention from my family members," said Dea Mishel./ CNA.al


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