"I liked his humor"/ Kiara and Luizi tell how their love story started

2023-05-20 22:32:00, Lifestyle CNA

"I liked his humor"/ Kiara and Luizi tell how their love story started

Luiz Aylli and Kiara Tito have confessed today how their much commented love story started.

Kiara said that initially what attracted her most to Louis was his sense of humor and then other things fell into place.

Luizi, on the other hand, said that he is grateful to Kiara for the patience she has had because, according to him, he has often become very annoying.

Olta Gixhari intervened in the conversation and reiterated that their relationship will not last for long.

Kiara: At first, I had my dilemmas. What brought me closer to Luiz was humor. I told him that humor brings me even closer to people. Other things flowed.

Luizi: I have been incredulous about other people's stories. For myself, I had neither thought nor planned it. It came naturally. I'm still grateful for the patience he had to have a man stitch you up in that kind of way...it's kind of annoying. Even if a man likes you, if you cling to him like that... But I didn't understand, when he told me to leave me, I knew that Olta caught him.

Olta: The third or fourth days that I was in the caravan, then I was very fond of Kiara (not that I don't have her now). This (Luizi) separated us. I told Luiz that if you love this chick, you shouldn't dominate her like this.

Kiara: The thing is, one day you said something, the next day you said something else. I started to dislike these things about you.

Olta: Yes, this is another topic, Kiara

Kiara: Because you told Luiz you broke us up. In the meantime, Luizi did not separate us, we were separated by the things he did to whom

Olta: He separated us. He said that I caught him because I didn't want Olta to catch me because she would take it away from me. And he did very well, because I would tell you all the time that he is not for you. And I keep thinking it's not for you.

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