Pirro Çako reveals the reason that brought him back to music after four years

2023-11-29 15:12:00, Lifestyle CNA
Pirro Çako reveals the reason that brought him back to music after four
Pirro Caco

Pirro Çako has returned to music after a break of four years and has argued this return as his need as an artist to express himself.

Invited to the "Aldo Morning Show", the well-known singer-songwriter said that his three new songs are an expression of what he feels and needed to show through the song.

"I decided to come back now because it is a moment that I wanted to express a little differently than what I have expressed other times and to stop a little longer, that is, in what I am experiencing and what will come later, so to speak, after this period. So I wanted to say some things to him, express them. Even in a way, I think I expressed them. I hope that I will be able to express even more" - said Pirro ?ako.

The artist clarified that this is the culminating point of his last years.

"Yes, it is one of the culminating points because a person goes through many stages in life and then at the end he makes his resume. So I can't say, I might have some even bigger point, but at the moment this is the highest point I've been through in recent years, definitely. This is a song that I dedicated to my family" - said Pirro Çako while talking about his three new songs.

The singer-songwriter appeared at the singer Elsa Lila's concert where they performed one of their most beautiful songs of Albanian music.

He also released three songs from his new album, while he had been absent from the stage for almost four years./ CNA  

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