"You stupid ignoramuses"/ Ina Kollçaku "explodes" against parents who kiss their children on the lips

2022-12-06 19:30:00, Lifestyle CNA
"You stupid ignoramuses"/ Ina Kollçaku "explodes"
Ina Kollcaku

Kissing children on the lips is often a behavior that many parents do, but this gesture is often met with strong criticism, either by psychologists or by other people, thus turning this issue into a very serious discussion.

Recently, there was the activist Ina Kollçaku, who, through a post on social networks, expressed categorically against this behavior.

Not hesitating to express her opposition in rather harsh notes, she writes:

"Enough kissing the children on the lips, you dirty ignoramuses," Kollçaku wrote on Instastory.

"You stupid ignoramuses"/ Ina Kollçaku "explodes"

Recently, a photo that made a lot of noise on the network, was a post made by the famous ex-footballer David Beckham, who published a photo, where he appeared kissing his daughter, Harper, on the lips.

In addition to well-known personalities in the world, this phenomenon is also quite widespread in Albania.

Robert Berisha is one of the public figures who posted a photo of him kissing his daughter Renee on the lips.

"You stupid ignoramuses"/ Ina Kollçaku "explodes"

Also, everyone remembers the moment when Ilir Shaqiri kissed his daughter, inside Big Brother VIP, even though she is an adult.

"You stupid ignoramuses"/ Ina Kollçaku "explodes"

Also, Bora Zemani has published a photo, where she kisses her son, Arbor, on the lips. /CNA.al

"You stupid ignoramuses"/ Ina Kollçaku "explodes"

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