"Get married, your age is gone"/ Sociologist: Eternal duel for couples

2023-12-09 14:07:00, Lifestyle CNA
"Get married, your age is gone"/ Sociologist: Eternal duel for couples
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Sociologist Gëzim Tushi was invited today to the "Aldo Morning Show" on TV Klan, who spoke about marriage and betrayal.

The sociologist says that nowadays, marriage has become an eternal duel, because according to him, it is difficult to live with another person, where rivalries can also be created.
Gëzim Tushi: Look, I always Aldo, even in the book I wrote "Marriage, Family, Sexuality", I say that some things need to be redefined. We live...

Aldo:  With changing times.

Joy Tushi: Absolutely. Look, you can't wear the costume in today's modern and postmodern times, in the conditions of the liberalization of sexuality, in the conditions of the increase in the number of divorces, the instability of the stability of marriage. As you see, it is difficult to live with the other, because in this case we are dealing with the other. With the whims of the other and as you have seen, marriage has become an eternal duel. It has become a permanent rivalry. Where there are personal motives, career motives, financial motives, character motives of...

Aldo:  This is also a problem for the parents. That they encourage and say "get married, get married, get old".

Gëzim Tushi:  She is too. One more thing, I have, I want to say that a part... a lot of times the issues of infidelity are also related to the culture of sexuality. It is usually said that, why do women cheat? Now, if it is a man who is indifferent to the woman, if he is lazy, of course that can create problems. Second, if a man is violent, beats a woman, tortures a woman, does not treat her as a partner, either as a sexual partner or as a partner in a couple, now she will replace the rough hands of the man with the hands of another man who caresses him. Because she is also a being who needs. Her eroticism needs it. There are some motives, both biological and social, which sometimes influence. /tvklan.al

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