The scheme is revealed/ They rented cars and sold them after removing the GPS, two DRSHTRR employees are wanted

2023-11-26 11:40:00, Kronika CNA
The scheme is revealed/ They rented cars and sold them after removing the GPS,
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A 37-year-old man was arrested by the police in Elbasan after selling cars that he had rented.

The police arrested Th. B., 37 years old, a resident of Elbasan, while he has announced the search for two employees of the Road Transport Directorate of Elbasan, as it is suspected that in collaboration with the 37-year-old, after renting the cars, they removed the GPS and sold them by forging vehicle ownership documents.

RL, 25 years old and IB, 33 years old, both residents of Elbasan, and employees of DRSHTRR Elbasan, are wanted.

As material evidence, the police seized 3 vehicles and 3 mobile phones.

The police revealed the scheme of how the sale of cars worked, where it turned out that the citizen Th. B. and citizen RL rented 3 vehicles and after removing the GPS and falsifying the ownership documents and other documents, they sold them for 20,000 euros.

For the falsification of vehicle documents, the citizen RL abused his duty at DRSHTRR Elbasan, in cooperation with the other employee, the citizen I. B

" Specialists for the Investigation of Economic and Financial Crimes of the DVP Elbasan, in implementation of the measures defined in the operational plan "Rule of Law", for cracking down on criminal activities and bringing to the fore the legal responsibility of the citizens who commit them, under the direction of the Prosecutor's Office The Court of First Instance of Elbasan General Jurisdiction, based on the report made by a citizen who rented vehicles, that they had rented 3 vehicles and had not returned them, organized and finalized the police operation coded "Fraud ", for clarifying the case" - it is stated in the police announcement./ CNA

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