Video-Faruk Fatih Özer's money was stolen in Albania/ Journalist discloses details of the 2 billion dollar fraud

2022-11-22 10:59:00, Kronika CNA

Video-Faruk Fatih Özer's money was stolen in Albania/ Journalist

Fatih Faruk Ozer, the Turkish citizen who is accused of a big fraud worth about 2 billion dollars, is expected to be extradited after the decision given a few days ago by the Court of Elbasan.

The Turkish journalist, Cevheri Guven, revealed details that he was tracked down in Albania.

According to him, Ozer was tracked for a long time by the Turkish police in our country until they tracked him down and then asked the Albanian police to handcuff him.

Guven has revealed another not-so-important detail, while in a YouTube video, he declares that the money that Ozer had was stolen from him.

The journalist did not mention the names or institutions of who took the Albanians or the Turkish police who were following him.

 "This money was not taken to return to the Turks, who were cheated by the head of THODEX, but was taken to go into other pockets. At first, they let him steal and cheat, then they went and caught him in Albania, stole the money he had stolen from the Turks, and now they are taking him to Turkey," said Cevheri Guven in his video. / CNA.al

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