"Eagles" catch a person without a license/ There was a mask and a metal stick in the car

2023-03-26 10:33:00, Kronika CNA
"Eagles" catch a person without a license/ There was a mask and a
Photo from the police action

The 26-year-old was arrested for driving around in a vehicle without a driver's license and carrying a police mask and metal baton in the car.

The services of the Special Force "Eqiponja" (Arrows Section) have stopped a vehicle on "Njazi Meka" street, in Babrru.

During the check, it turned out that the driver with the initials AH, 26 years old, a resident of Babrru, did not have a driving license, as it was finally revoked and the young man must re-enter the course, to be re-equipped with a driving license.

Also, the Police services found and seized as material evidence a black mask and a metal stick like those of the Police.

At the end of the first investigative actions, the arrest of citizen AH was made in flagrante delicto, and the materials were passed to the Prosecution for further procedural actions, for the criminal offenses "Driving vehicles while intoxicated or without evidence" and "Production and possession without a permit" of cold weapons"./ CNA.al

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