Quarrel in Shkodër/ 26-year-old stabs father and son

2024-04-23 22:22:00, Kronika CNA

Quarrel in Shkodër/ 26-year-old stabs father and son

Two people were injured with a knife this evening around 20:40, in the "Mark Lula" neighborhood of Shkodra.

During a conflict for weak motives, father and son were injured, citizens with the initials Sh. L., 52 years old and EL, 19 years old (father and son).

They were taken to hospital and are out of danger. Thanks to the timely response of the Police services, it became possible to identify, capture and escort to the premises of the Shkoder Police Station, the suspected author, citizen AM, 26 years old, resident of Shkoder.

Also, the Police services seized the cutting tool (knife) that was allegedly used by this citizen during the conflict.

In the meantime, the investigative group, under the direction of the Prosecutor's Office, continues the work for the complete clarification of the circumstances and the legal documentation of the case./ CNA

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