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Video - Accident in Tirana/ Car overturns at the "Oxhaku"

2024-04-21 16:23:00, Kronika CNA

Video - Accident in Tirana/ Car overturns at the "Oxhaku"

An accident was recorded this afternoon in Tirana, in the "Oxhak" area, behind the hospitals, near the SHISH building. It is learned that a car has overturned.

According to preliminary information, no injured persons were reported, but the accident caused traffic problems.

The cause of the accident is suspected to be high speed and wetness on the road.

As can be seen from the footage provided by CNA, the police are at the scene and are working to fully clarify the causes and circumstances.

CNA has learned that it is not the first time that accidents happen in this country. Also yesterday, a motorbike was involved in an accident, but fortunately there were no consequences for people./ CNA

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