Serious in Peja/ Man kills wife

2024-04-16 09:17:00, Kronika CNA

Serious in Peja/ Man kills wife

A murder happened this morning in Peja of Kosovo.

Media in Kosovo report that a man killed his wife.

The news has been confirmed by the spokesperson of the prosecution in Peja, Shkodran Nikçi, who announced that the author has been arrested.

Also, his weapon was confiscated, while the causes and circumstances of this serious incident are still unknown.

Meanwhile, investigations are being carried out to solve the murder.

"The chief prosecutor and the prosecutor of serious crimes together with all relevant police units are at the scene where it is suspected that the husband killed his wife. The suspect was arrested and his weapon was seized, while all the necessary investigations are being carried out at the scene. We are waiting for the forensic team to take the dead body", said Nikçi./ CNA

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