Action "Clean Alps" / Thousands of cannabis plants are destroyed

2023-06-08 09:45:00, Kronika CNA

Action "Clean Alps" / Thousands of cannabis plants are destroyed

The services of the Shkodër Police Station, in implementation of the plan of measures for the control of the territory, in order to identify and attack the criminal activity of the cultivation of narcotic plants, during the last 2 days, have organized and finalized the fifth phase of the mega-operation "Alpes of pure". 

On the first day of this phase, 460 suspected narcotic cannabis sativa plants were destroyed that were found cultivated in Lotaj village, Shale administrative unit. 

On the second day of this phase, 2,300 suspected narcotic cannabis sativa plants were destroyed, which were found cultivated in the territory of Pepaj village, Shosh administrative unit, as well as 510 seedlings planted in cubicles. 

Thanks to the use of drones, in the village of Lotaj, a citizen was found to be taking care of suspected narcotic plants. From the verifications carried out, it became possible to identify and announce the search for the AM citizen, 65 years old. The work for her capture continues.   

The anti-cannabis police mega-operation "Clean Alps" continues.

The Police of Shkodra appeals to all residents of the mountainous areas of the district and to all farmers not to be involved in the criminal activity of cultivating narcotic plants, as well as to report to the Digital Commissariat or the toll-free number 112, any evidence that may have for this criminal activity.

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