Meet the city that will ban, by law, eating ice cream after midnight

2024-04-23 17:03:00, Kosova & Bota CNA

Meet the city that will ban, by law, eating ice cream after midnight

Eating an ice cream after midnight, after a dinner, on the way home, is part of Italian culture. But Milan is thinking of banning it by law. The reason is the disruption of the peace of the residents.

An initial legislative document has been filed by the city's local government, and if approved it could ban late-night ice cream from next month. This law would actually also ban other food sold after midnight, including pizza and even takeout drinks.

Whoever wants to eat or drink something, will have to order it at home, or enter a bar to consume it. This is an attempt to avoid the loud noises from the queues or the adrenaline that causes a pizza, a drink or an ice cream in hand.

Marco Granelli, Vice Mayor of Milan, said:

"The aim is to seek a balance between socialization and entertainment, peace and tranquility of the residents.

The proposal will be effective from 'mid-May' and will last until November. It will start at 12:30 AM on weekdays and 1:30 AM on weekends and public holidays. Tables outside the premises will also have to come inside after this time. Citizens have until the beginning of May to appeal and suggest changes to the law."

However, this is not the first time Milan has tried to ban ice cream after midnight. In 2013, then-mayor Giuliano Pisapia tried to implement similar measures, but after a backlash he gave in, and the ice cream was brought back./ CNA

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