Germany wants its alcohol-free wines to be considered 'organic'

2024-03-03 17:37:00, Kosova & Bota CNA

Germany wants its alcohol-free wines to be considered 'organic'

Germany's government wants to change European Union regulations to allow alcohol-free wines to be considered organic, the German Agriculture Ministry said on Sunday.

"Anyone who decides to consume wines without alcohol must have organic quality", said the Minister of Agriculture, Cem Ozdemir, through a press release.

According to the current regulation, the alcohol removal procedure causes an organic wine to lose its certification, because this process is not approved among the methods to produce organic wine.

Therefore, Berlin is being asked to change the regulation.

"With the support of other member countries, Germany has submitted a request to Brussels for non-alcoholic organic wine to be approved according to EU rules," the ministry's statement said.

The document states that the European Commission - the only body that can officially propose new laws - has convened an independent group of organic product experts to examine how to remove alcohol through vacuum distillation.

According to the statement, the Commission is committed to immediately draw up the necessary documentation, if the group of experts gives the green light./ Rel

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