Yemen's Houthis: We will continue attacks on British ships

2024-03-03 13:50:00, Kosova & Bota CNA

Yemen's Houthis: We will continue attacks on British ships

Yemen's Houthis, backed by Iran, vowed on Sunday to continue targeting British ships in the Gulf of Aden after the sinking of the UK-owned Rubyamar.

The US military confirmed on Saturday that the British ship had sunk after being hit by missiles launched by Houthi militants on February 18.

"Yemen will continue to sink more British ships and any damage will be added to Britain's bill," Hussein al-Ezzi, deputy minister of the Houthi-led government, said in a post on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

"It is a rogue state that attacks Yemen and partners with America in sponsoring crimes against civilians in Gaza."

Houthi militants have repeatedly launched drones and missiles against international commercial ships since November last year, saying the attacks are a sign of solidarity with Palestinians facing an Israeli offensive in Gaza.

Their attacks in the Red Sea have disrupted the shipping of goods, forcing many companies to take much longer and more expensive routes through southern Africa, and raised concerns that the Israel-Hamas war could spread further. in the Middle East.

The United States and Britain have started attacking Houthi targets in Yemen since January, as a sign of revenge for the attack on their ships in the Red Sea./ REL

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