Why has the euro fallen?/ Former minister Denaj lists the causes

2023-05-20 13:02:00, Ekonomi CNA
Why has the euro fallen?/ Former minister Denaj lists the causes
Former Minister of Finance, Anila Denaj

The former Minister of Finance, Anila Denaj, spoke today about the fall of the euro and foreign currencies.

Denaj said in an interview with Thimi Samarxhiu that the fall of the euro during the electoral campaign is not necessarily related to the elections.

The former minister declared that the reason for currency exchange fluctuations is related to inflows in euros from investments or tourists.

"There are fluctuations, but they are determined by several factors, it is not one factor. Among the most important are the incoming flows in euros from investments from tourists, we must not deny that in Albania there is a flow of foreigners who buy property. The expenses these 4 months are all part of the same component. Inflows, capital expenditures, remittances.

If there was a drop in the price, there would be an intervention by the Bank of Albania, which did not happen. In July-August this year too, it will not escape from the fall, the season has started earlier and up to 8 million tourists are expected to come. The influence of the elections can be from people who have income from abroad with their costs and have spent", she emphasized./ CNA.al

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